I have a project which seems to require the "--export-all-symbols"
flag to be passed to "gcc" when a shared library link occurs.

However, the GCC linker code, coverts this to "-Wl,--export-all-symbols".
Which, of course is wrong because "ld" doesn't understand what --export-all-symbols
means.  Does anyone know if this even translates into a linker argument?

If not, I have 2 choices:

   1.  Have the GCC linker class treat strings that start with "--" as being
       direct gcc arguments (there's already a place where this type of thing
       is being done for other combinations, such as -g in GCCLinker.java

   2.  Add a flag to <linkerarg> tag which allows you to specify that it goes
       to the command line as-is with no additional translation.
         <linker name="gcc">
            <linkerarg value="--export-all-symbols" direct="true" />

What do people think?

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