As in the previous message, the CVS is an unsightly mess right now.  I wanted to get everyones opinion on the appropriate way to clean it up.  Please vote +1, 0 or -1 on each item
Issue one: ForEach, PropertyCopy, Switch and OSFamily
There are at least three copies of these tasks in the CVS in src/main, build/src/main, src/src/main.  I assume that all the copies are identical.  None of these tasks I assume are sufficient for their own sub-project and jar, so I guess these need to be the start of library of small tasks.  I would suggest that this would be the start of ant-contrib.jar, basically a home for small but useful tasks.
1. Change the package name in these tasks to net.sf.antcontrib
2. Move the source into ant-contrib/src/net/sf/antcontrib
3. Remove all files in the build and src moduled, but place a DEAD_DIRECTORY or other file that would indicate to a someone browsing the CVS that they did not need to go any further.
Issue two: base-implementations
My intentions in base-implementations was to provide a reference to our starting implementations.  However, since the MARC mailing list archive does have the attached zip files, it would probably be better just to place a few HTML files that frame the archived messages and not have any code there.
4 Move Adam's initial unification work from cpptasks/base-implementations/Murdoch/src to cpptasks/src
5 Remove all existing content from cpptasks/base-implementations
6. Provide HTML files linking to archives of the previous C++ task submissions to the ant-dev mailing list.