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#36 offers: database schema update; file heading normalization

Jirka Hanika

My employer is considering to contribute one or two of
our tasks, which seem to be generally usable (not
necessarily useful). The question is whether there is
enough demand for one or the other. Any comments welcome.

1) file heading normalization - a trivial task which
takes a fileset (presumably C/C++/Java source files),
strips all leading whitespace/comments (except for
Javadoc) and puts a (fixed) standard heading in its place.

2) database schema update - this task takes care of the
continual evolution of your database schema in a
non-trivial app versioning environment. Presumably it
is called whenever application software changes,
necessitating updates to the schema or data. The task
creates and keeps an extra table within the database
itself, with one record per SQL script. It applies
exactly those SQL scripts which have not been applied
before, each one in a separate transaction. Scales
very well.

If there is enough demand, are there any instructions
how to polish the code before contributing?