Contributing to the project

  • Ronald


    Im a experienced C++ programmer and we decided to use a continuous build system at our company a couple of monts ago. Thats when I get to know cctasks, what a wonderful tool!!!
    In our company we use Borland C++ Builder (Argh!). Till this point cctask handled everything very well.
    We have been using a compiler wrapper from Jomitech (R) (TwineCompile) that basically adds parallel build capabilities to Borland's compiler that reduced 10 times our build time!!! There are a couple of small differences between building with the original compiler and with the wrapper.
    To make our lifes better we needed to put support into cctask to handle that.
    I personally dislike doing hacks at open source projects so... I would like to contribute with my code to the project to make it official (if accepted of course). I really would like to help with this project since I loved it since I knew it. If that is not possible I would like to know how to submit my changes to be analysed and maybe become official :).

    Thanks in advance

    Ronald Paloschi

    • Curt Arnold
      Curt Arnold

      I would not expect any problems accepting either a new compiler adapter or enhancements to the Borland adapter.  I expect to a flurry of changes between now and the new year (mainly around IDE generation, but then I've been saying that for a long time) and then a release.  I'd expect that should be able to get the patch in fairly quickly.

      I'd prefer if you submit your changes first as a bug report for review.  The adapter should be pretty localized, so doing it as a patch should not be too troublesome.  If you are anticipating doing something with a wider scope where SVN commit access would be very helpful, discuss it on the mailing list first and if it seems good, then adding commit rights can occur very quickly.