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  • Alan Alanson
    Alan Alanson

    I am a Ubuntu 10.04 user who has installed JAP via the Ubuntu software centre. I cannot find the programme in my list of installed applications and am completely baffled as to how to use the programme/app. It doesn't seem to be doing anything at all, loads of analytics softwares still seem to be monitoring my browsing according to the Ghostry add-on on Firefox. Also, of most concern to me is that the software developers seem un-contactable except via this forum site which required a load of personal info to join which seems to be totally contrary to the point of the software, does this worry anyone else? Ghostry is currently blocking three pieces of monitoring software from this site : AddThis, Comscore Beacon and the ever intrusive Google Analytics. Can anyone help me configure the app/programme/software and perhaps allay my concerns. Why would a piece of software claiming to help one preserve their privacy use a forum site that has multiple privacy invading analytics?

    Please help me.


  • For help/documentation, have you looked at their website? Go here:

    If the menu items don't appear in the application menu, you can create them (the menu editor app "alacarte" makes this easy.) Synaptic will tell you which files were installed for any package. In this case, the executable binary is /usr/bin/jondo. You may also want to install jondofox-en (English) or jondofox-de (German), which will give you a Firefox profile that you can use for anonymous browsing - the website has a page for testing your anomymity.