Proxy ssh through JAP?

  • William Oliver
    William Oliver

    Is it possible to proxy ssh directly through JAP (i.e. not tunnel through http)?  I looked through the archives and found a discussion from 2004 that said that it was not possible then, but that it might be allowed with the new paid service.

    I am a subscriber (and the subscriber service is great, by the way), but can't figure out how to use the JAP proxy for ssh.  I read up a little on ProxyCommand, but didn't see how to use it for JAP…

    Any help would be appreciated!

    My configuration:  HP Pavilion laptop dv7 series, AMD Turion cpu, OS: Mandriva 2010.0 linux (kernel ).

  • Georg Koppen
    Georg Koppen

    You might use the premium services in order to use all the applications which allow to use a SOCKS-proxy. If your ssh client is not able to use this protocol, you might use a proxifier tool, however: