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Animadead: A Skeletal Animation Library / News: Recent posts

Good News Everybody!

I've been doing a lot of work on Animadead in the last month, despite my lack of updates on the page. I'll do my best to summarize everything that's happened.

-- Documentation
One thing you can check out right now is the documentation (http://animadead.sf.net/docs/index.html). I used Doxygen (http://www.doxygen.org) and Graphvis (http://www.graphviz.org) to make reference documentation and some nice collaboration diagrams. I went through all of the classes and members and added very thorough details and I'm working on the guide now. The documentation was generated from my local copy of Animadead, which has quite a few little changes and improvements since the last release.... read more

Posted by John Butterfield 2005-06-22

Animadead 2.0 Released

Animadead provides game developers with an easy to use interface for implementing skeletal animations in a game. Release 2.0 is significantly restructured and has many new powerful features.

The most major change for Animadead was the way orientations and locations of bones are stored internally. Animadead 2.0 now uses quaternions internally to store local transformations instead of using matrices for world transformations. Details about the transformations used can be found here: http://animadead.sf.net/faq.shtml#transformations... read more

Posted by John Butterfield 2005-02-09

Animadead 0.7.1 Released

The second release, which adds configure and Makefile scripts to make it feasible for anyone to compile and check out the library. And a converter was added for converting the filetypes to the proper endianess.

If you haven't checked it out, or haven't been able to, hopefully now you will. I've also posted a windows executable so if you have windows and just want to see what it does you can start there.

Posted by John Butterfield 2004-03-16

Work in Progress

Ive been busy trying to add portable Configure and Makefiles to Animadead for those of you who have not been able to use the existing project files. I will also be adding some more documentation and tutorials this weekend. I'll be making tutorials on using and creating animations for the library and working with Maya and Ill provide examples using duke. I will also in the not-to-distant-future be creating reference documentation to all of the commands in the library.... read more

Posted by John Butterfield 2004-03-12

Animadead version 0.7 First Release

Animadead is a skeletal animation library designed to load and play skeletal animations. It supports models that are composed of several swappable meshes bound to a single skeleton that can be driven by multiple animations. Animadead uses existing modeling programs to export animations to its own file types and provides a library to load them using C++.

Animadead was written in C++ and has no dependencies. However, an example implementation is provided that uses OpenGL and SDL. The example provides a model set up with several meshes: feet, hands, head, hair, torso and pants. And has a second torso mesh to illustrate swapping meshes. The original model is provided.... read more

Posted by John Butterfield 2004-03-07