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hold down volume up or dpad center to launch

bou late
  • bou late
    bou late

    Hi there !

    I'm very interesting on installing Android on my HTC Cruise (3650), but I have a problem during the install with Haret.

    It ask me to hold down volume up or dpad center to launch, but nothing happend when I do that.

    For example : Pushing down "dpad center" write a "^@" on my screen, and nothing append.
    I have (all the 15 - 20 sec) a message who say me that "msm_ic2.0: error waiting for notbusy".

    Nothing happend … since 5 minutes (only a spam of the message "sms_ic2:0 …), and I finally have this message :
    sh: 2: unknown operand
    losetup: /dev/block/loop1: No such file or directory
    Failed to reach system.img on SD card

    Can you help me please ? :D