Basic Error on a document close with LibreOffice

  • Hi,
    every time I close a document in LO, I get the following error:

    Ошибка сценария при выполнении сценария Basic

    Сообщение: The following Basic script could not be found:
    library: 'Standard'
    module: 'Anaphraseus'
    method: 'BeforeClose'
    location: 'application'

    Windows 7 x64, LibreOffice 4.1, Anaphraseus_2.05.125b

    Could you, please, help me to solve the error. Also I'm not sure if it is connected, but the program asks yandex api key for every segment being translated, it doesn't remember what I entered.

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  • Ole Yansen
    Ole Yansen

    I sent answer to your Gmail but seems problem is more complex then I though.
    Try to rename LibreOffice config folder, so LO will create new one.
    It located somewhere around C:\Documents and Settings[username]\Application Data\LibreOffice

    Regards, Ole

  • Thank you, I got your message.

    I reinstalled the extension using REadme.odt file, and now I don't get the error. Saving Yandex API key i didn't try yet.

    Sorry for a bit late reply.
    Regards, Serhiy