Web Interface.

  • I would like to know if might be possible to have an example of a web connection to ampd.

    This software is awesome!!!

    This question is aimed for to face with firewall problems, the web interface can overcome such problems.

    Anyway this is a great job!!!!!!!!!

    • Justin

      Thank you very much for the compliment, I'm happy you like the software!

      There are already numerous web interfaces for both configuration and monitoring of asterisk through web interfaces. That was actually what drove me to write this software in the first place, no one had developed a "real" application...

      A web connection to ampd wouldn't be that difficult if you know socket programming, however, ampd "pushes" information (events) to the client and web by it's nature is "stateless", meaning it doesn't/can't maintain socket communication.

      I'd certainly be interested if anyone had the inclination to build a web interface to ampd.

      Also; have you considered running ampd on port 80 to overcome the firewall? You can configure the port ampd listens on in ampd.conf.