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AmpJuke 0.8.6: Want an online jukebox ?

This release contains some exciting new functionality as well as the usual bunch of small improvements here&there.

A brief introduction to the most important things in AmpJuke 0.8.6:

-- AmpJuke as an online jukebox.
Up until this release, AmpJuke acted (more or less) as a personal streaming service, making it possible for each individual user to listen to whatever he/she prefers to listen to - individually.

With the new "jukebox mode", you can turn AmpJuke into a regular jukebox, where each individual user requests music to be played. All users listen to the same music - simultaneously.

-- AmpJuke + the Echonest: Improving the listening experience.
You can enable access to the Echonest API in order to take a huge leap towards improving the experience of listening to your music. The Echonest feature will ‘identify’ the song you are playing – analyse the tempo/bpm, danceability, and loudness levels among other things.

Furhter information: http://www.ampjuke.org

Posted by Michael 2012-08-07