#26 Support Categories For Feed Organizations

Morbus Iff
Morbus Iff

AmphetaDesk should support categories for feeds so that
they may be better organized ("technical", "politics", etc.).
I've chatted previously about my ideas of it here: http://
but this should be re-examined. A number of other readers
are supporting categories within their OPML files, so however
they're doing it should be the method to madness in
AmphetaDesk as well.


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    I'm actually working on a patch for this right now. I'm
    running an MT weblog and wanted to use the MTOutliner plugin
    for automatic, categorized blogrolling.

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    I misread the feature description. I'm currently working on
    user-assigned categories for the RSS feeds.

    Do you have an example of a newsfeed that uses categories?
    The message you listed above doesn't show up any more.

  • Morbus Iff
    Morbus Iff

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    User-assigned categories for the ITEMS of an RSS feed (ie.,
    this ITEM from BLOG was given the category of THIS by
    CREATOR) or user-assigned categories for subscriptions (ie.
    user of AmphetaDesk assigned THIS subscription a category of
    THAT)? The second ideal is what this tracker is for, so your
    question of "a newsfeed [example] that uses categories" is
    confusing. As for categories within an RSS feed, some 1.0
    users are using dc:subject to make this choice (which is
    easily displayed through the AmphetaDesk templates as
    $item->{"dc:subject"}. I think there's an RSS 2.0 built-in
    equivalent, but I don't recall.

    Regardless, in-feed categories aren't related to this
    particular tracker item, which caters to "ok, Morbus, I've
    got 700 subscriptions and I'd like to organize them by
    categories so that I can say 'show me all my political
    feeds'", etc.