#11 Sort Items By Time, Not By Source

Morbus Iff
James Damour

OK, so according to this blog post
4:43PM Radio Userland defaults to ordering items by
publication date (the pubDate element in RSS v2.0) and
not by source of the post. It would be neat if
AmphetaDesk would have this option as well. I don't
need it to be on by default, just available.

Thank you.


  • Morbus Iff
    Morbus Iff

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    It's a nice idea, but that'd only work for feeds that
    actually include that information (all versions of RSS
    support the date field, but only about 50% of feeds actually
    use it). Sorting this way starts catering to "good" and
    "bad" feeds - all the "good" feeds would be sorted first,
    showing at the top of the page. All the bad feeds would be
    stuck at the bottom of the list, giving the impression that
    they haven't been updated, even though they really have.
    Suddenly, it becomes "AmphetaDesk doesn't sort feeds the
    right way!" instead of "the RSS feed didn't have the timestamp".

  • Morbus Iff
    Morbus Iff

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  • James Damour
    James Damour

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    That's true. We can ameliorate the problem a bit if the option
    is off by default, and if the documentation for the option
    mentions the problem. There's no guarantee that the users
    will READ the documentation, but that's the cross borne by
    developers everywhere.

    Furthermore, by notifying users that some of the feeds aren't
    including the publication date, they can contact the feed's
    source and suggest that they start using the feature. Like all
    things web-related, I expect that sites will rapidly evolve their
    RDF/RSS to meet their user's needs.

    Also, if you really REALLY care, contact Dave Winer (the
    author of the blog) and Andrew Grumet (the MIT developer
    mentioned in the blog) and find out how *they* handle
    the "good feed/bad feed" problem.

  • Len Lattanzi
    Len Lattanzi

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    I just keep a copy of the previous download and if the new content is not significantly
    different regardless of pubdate then the feed is considered not to have changed.
    It does force all old feeds to get downloaded at every scan...

  • Harold Martin
    Harold Martin

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    I'll second this request.
    I need this feature.


  • Morbus Iff
    Morbus Iff

    • summary: Add Option to order posts by time, and not by source. --> Sort Items By Time, Not By Source