mjpeg-tools WarpOS-Port

  • Hi!

    The mjpeg-tools are really useful for me, but if I have to do large conversions, I get mad...

    So, would it bee possible to get a WarpOS-build from this great software?

    Thanks and bye!


    • Diego Casorran
      Diego Casorran

      if there is interest... I could try, altouhg for some oscure/compiler reason almost all my (cross)-compiled wos ports doenst work properly later.

      sorry for reply too late!, I wasn't monitoring this forum!

    • YEEEES, there is (still) a big interest (at least for me ;-). So if you would give this a try, I would be very thankful.

      hopefully you now monitor this forum (I didnt do so for a long time now, too). I will try to send you an email, If I find your adress.

      Thanks, Peter