Chanserv v5.1

  • Has anyone gotten this to work?

    I don't seem to get it started. I've been through the settings a number of times and can't find what's wrong. It just exits immediately. Tried running snoopdos but that doesn't give anything away.

    • Diego Casorran
      Diego Casorran

      hmmm... I compiled it by request, without test its working... nobody until now let me know something about this I forgot it... it is really useful for someone on Amiga?..if thats true may I can try to build the latest version since this one is two years old...

    • I can't say if others have use for it, I do though. As for now I'm running lakeserv on my pc and that limits me. The best were if I could run chanserv on the amiga instead so I can freely use the pc in the way I want.

      I'm no programmer myself so I can't really make the port myself.
      But I'll give all possible feedback you might need if you compile it.