AMEN 1.5.0 is out!!!

Dear User,
IMPORTANT: The AMEN installer for windows is no more available. See the installation procedure in the README.txt file for more details on how to download, install and run AMEN. Moreover, the GraphViz program was replaced by the "igraph" R library" to draw network into AMEN.

Several changes including probably the most important one since the AMEN creation: Annotation and Network data files are now automatically generated! There's no more need to download different databases and convert them! Just use the "Menu>Options>Download databases" module.
Other changes:
- "Main entries" are now called "Reference entries".
- Annotation and interaction data files could now include "multi-reference entries" (separated by semi-colon ';') as "reference entries" (1rst column)
- "Upload data" was removed and associated modules were moved into either "Expression" or "Options" menu

In addition, two modules were added and one bug fixed.

Enjoy AMEN!!!

Posted by Frédéric Chalmel 2012-11-20