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AMBIT:Chemical Structure DB&Web Service / News: Recent posts

How to use AMBIT SMIRKS : example project available

Posted by Nina Jeliazkova 2015-04-26

AMBIT 2.7.2 released

AMBIT Web services 2.7.2

See http://ambit.sf.net for installation and user guides.

Posted by Nina Jeliazkova 2015-01-25

AMBIT 2.7.1 released

See ambit.sf.net for installation and user guides.

Posted by Nina Jeliazkova 2014-12-05

AMBIT project upgraded to use the new SourceForge developer platform

Dear SourceForge Project Developer,

As you probably know, we've been talking for several months about the imminent upgrade of the SourceForge developer platform. A few weeks ago we announced (http://sourceforge.net/blog/upgrades-april22/) that starting April 22, we would be upgrading all projects that had not yet done so on their own. That time has arrived.

We wanted to let you know that we've upgraded your project, AMBIT:Chemical Structure DB&Web Service , to the new SourceForge developer platform. The next time you log in, things will look a little different.... read more

Posted by Nina Jeliazkova 2013-05-31

AMBIT 2.4.7 released

Posted by Nina Jeliazkova 2012-07-19

AMBIT REST web services 2.4.3

New version of AMBIT REST web services available


Posted by Nina Jeliazkova 2011-10-13