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SIC (italian acronym, stands for "Sistema Informativo Convention" - Convention Information System) is a project very similar to Amberle, although the implementation somehow differs; so, I'm happy to host the project under the Amberle flag.
It should be noted, anyway, that SIC is a standalone project, not dependent from Amberle by any means.

Posted by Ciro Mattia Gonano 2006-10-31

XDAL 0.5 Released!

Finally, the time has come!
XDAL 0.5 has been released, and all the world can start to feel the power to handle an entire DB with objects and without a line of SQL.
So, give it a try and run to download page (!

Posted by Ciro Mattia Gonano 2005-02-04

Roadmap to version 1.0

We defined the roadmap towards 1.0.
It's still very rough, and will be updated throughout the develop, planning new features, removing or updating other.
For now, that's the way Amberle's heading for.
You can find the roadmap at

Posted by Ciro Mattia Gonano 2004-10-07

Amberle opts-in for donations

I have just opt-in for donations.
I've been thinking about this choice for long time, and now it's time to start. For the moment, donations will be entirely to Amberle (no charity), but in the future this may change.
I'm expecting no donations, for the moment (Amberle's still in alpha); in the future I'll expect donations from whoever will use Amberle in a commercial environment.

Posted by Ciro Mattia Gonano 2004-10-07


XDAL, the Amberle's database backend abstraction layer, is on CVS!
XDAL is still under heavy development, and with no documentation at all but some spare notes, but you can checkout the 'xdal' module and see what we are doing here.
If you're interested in the argument, you can contact us, of course.

Posted by Ciro Mattia Gonano 2004-09-07

Amberle will be at LinuxWorld Expo

Amberle will be presented "officially" to the World in Milan, at LinuxWorld Expo on Friday, 24 September 2004.
All you out there are obviously invited, more info at LinuxWorld Expo Website

Posted by Ciro Mattia Gonano 2004-08-26

Amberle has a new homepage!

Finally, we got it!
I created a quick'n'dirty homepage just to make people know Amberle is here, under heavy development.

Posted by Ciro Mattia Gonano 2004-08-26

Amberle initial CVS upload

This is the first Amberle commit.
WARNING: this commit is BROKEN! If you are a developer, you can look at the entire project to understand what I'm trying to do; unfortunately, I'm too busy getting Amberle work to write down some sort of documentation, for now :(
You can look into TODO for the queued changes list, in docs/ dir for a little more notes about the project's structure, and PHP files for my code.
Please note that I've stripped out the jpgraph library for possible license issues (I don't know QPL), if you want it you can look at read more

Posted by Ciro Mattia Gonano 2004-07-12