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San Jacinto goes into the sunset

San Jacinto obviously never hit 2.0, and you're
probably wondering why since a year ago it was at 1.9.5. The distance to a
full, supportable 2.0 was too far for me to bridge alone, and the project never attracted additional members. Since the library
never took off either commercially or as an open source project, and with
JDK 1.4 gaining steam and really requiring a re-thinking of a lot of the code,
I stopped work on the GPL'd version. (I maintained and continued a much smaller
JDK 1.4 variant for personal use.) While people have been willing to adopt
more focused open source extensions (e.g. Struts), no general purpose library
has gained traction beyond the Apache commons library--San Jacinto included.
I had other projects and limited resources, so it seemed best to just end it.
So it's with regret that I'm announcing this project's retirement. I'll leave
the final GPL version on SourceForge for anyone wishing to either adopt the
project or to use it as is.

Posted by Kyle Downey 2003-09-24

San Jacinto 1.9.4 released

This release focuses on J2EE 1.3: design patterns, testing mechanisms, and more. It also includes numerous small build and documentation improvements, bug fixes, plus the rule engine and macro processing module from ClassLib 1.2.x.

Posted by Kyle Downey 2002-08-26

San Jacinto 1.9.2 released

This new release includes a port of the ClassLib 1.2.1 Foxtrot application framework to use the new San Jacinto XML APIs. It's not 100% complete, so the core/framework module's code is only for advanced users who want to see the future direction of the library.

Posted by Kyle Downey 2002-08-04

San Jacinto 1.9.1 released

This is the first public release of Amber Archer's ground-up rewrite of our popular ClassLib 1.2.1 library. It includes an improved XML binding framework, initial SOAP 1.1 support, better documentation and tests, and many bug fixes.

Posted by Kyle Downey 2002-07-17

ClassLib 2.x: "San Jacinto"

This week we'll be releasing a developer preview of our ground-up rewrite of ClassLib 1.2.x, "San Jacinto." It includes a brand new XML binding framework, a much improved registry API and a new JDBC framework that simplifies DAO and BMP Entity EJB development. In addition, this will be the first ClassLib release with official support for JDK 1.4 and MacOS X. It's also the first one split into framework "modules," so you can pick and choose a subset of the library to redistribute rather than requiring the entire library.... read more

Posted by Kyle Downey 2002-07-01

ClassLib 1.2.1 Released

Amber Archer has released version 1.2.1 of its Java class library. This is a bug-fix release that also adds a number of examples and developer guides for the Foxtrot application framework. If you are doing client-side development with ClassLib, you should upgrade.

Posted by Kyle Downey 2001-12-02

ClassLib 1.3.1 (dev) released

This release merges the beta-status classes from 1.1.5 with the bug-fixes that went into 1.2 and 1.2.1. If you want a look at where ClassLib is headed, you should check out this release.

Posted by Kyle Downey 2001-12-02

ClassLib User Survey #1

If you have downloaded ClassLib, please take a moment to fill out our first survey:

Posted by Kyle Downey 2001-11-26

ClassLib 1.2.0 Released

The ClassLib project has released a new production-quality build, version 1.2. This release incorporates many bug-fixes, clean-ups and improvements, including:

* expanded documentation, plus sample code
* all beta-quality packages and files migrated to the classlib-dev branch exclusively (there was some co-mingling in the 1.1.x series)
* application framework Swing components now JavaBeans-compatible
* localized command-line handling in the application framework
* native code now builds using GNU autoconf on many UNIX and UNIX-like platforms, including MinGW under Cygwin (Windows 2000 & friends)
* added OS/Direct API for accessing native services, and added a sample UUIDFactory service

Posted by Kyle Downey 2001-11-18

ClassLib 1.1.5 released

This is the first release from the classlib-dev branch in CVS. It includes bug-fixes, some package rearrangement, a new autoconf-based build system, an improved application framework, and much more. The 1.2 release, scheduled for 2001-11-18, will be 1.1.5 minus the alpha/beta status packages, and plus any bug-fixes performed over the next week. Work on alpha/beta status packages will stay on the classlib-dev branch, and will become the base feature set for what will become classlib 1.4 after the 1.3 development series is complete.

Posted by Kyle Downey 2001-11-11

Version number change in ClassLib

The imminent next release of ClassLib will be a development release, 1.1.5. Up until now, the 1.1 series has been off the HEAD stream in CVS, while this one will be the first off the classlib-dev branch. From 1.1.5 onward, an odd minor release number will signify a development release, and an even minor release number will signify production quality. Thus, 1.2.x will be production quality and will have a stable set of APIs.... read more

Posted by Kyle Downey 2001-11-11

classlib 1.3-dev ported to MacOS X

The autoconf port on the classlib-dev branch in CVS will build working JNI libraries on MacOS X, Linux and MinGW 1.1 now.

Posted by Kyle Downey 2001-10-17

ClassLib 1.3-dev ported to autoconf

A number of JNI components for ClassLib were not included in the original open source release to give us some time to port the build process to use GNU autoconf, automake and libtool. It's now in theory possible to use "configure" on most UNIX-like platforms to build a shared library. I've just completed the port to MinGW, and will be tackling MacOS X soon. The goal is to provide JNI library binaries for Linux (x86, PPC and Sparc), Solaris, Win32 and MacOS X when classlib 1.4 is released to production. We want the C components to be almost as portable as the main Java components. Right now the "demo" JNI is the code behind org.amberarcher.util.UUID.... read more

Posted by Kyle Downey 2001-10-11

ClassLib 1.1.3 Released

ClassLib 1.1.3 fixes all of the outstanding bugs recorded against 1.1.1 and 1.1.2, and adds improved documentation. This is also the first release tagged in CVS (classlib-1_1_3). I am going to give the 1.1.x series another two weeks of life, and then promote it to 1.2.0. After that point, ClassLib will follow the Linux versioning convention: even-numbered releases are stable, and odd-numbered ones are development. Unless there's strong demand, in the interest of saving SF some disk space I will be making development snapshots less often in the future. If you want to follow what will be the development track, you'll have to fetch it from CVS. The biggest changes coming down the pike will be autoconf support for building the JNI code on multiple platforms, and a lot of the packages marked now as "ALPHA" will be completed. Enjoy!

Posted by Kyle Downey 2001-10-04

ClassLib distribution problems

The 1.1.1 release distributions had a number of problems. I am still getting used to using SourceForge and Ant together to make releases, and some corrupted or incomplete files resulted. I apologize for any problems that resulted, and encourage you to download the 1.1.2 release files, which correct these problems.

Posted by Kyle Downey 2001-09-27

ClassLib 1.1.1 Released

The ClassLib project has released a bug-fix release of its Java class library. This release adds GNU-standard files (README, INSTALL, NEWS, etc.), an improved build.xml, and a local documentation tree in the distributions.

Posted by Kyle Downey 2001-09-25

Amber Archer Java ClassLib now GPL'd

Early this morning I completed initial conversion of Amber Archer Consulting's extensive Java class library to the GPL. I re-packaged under org.amberarcher, changed all headers to have the GPL copyright notice and imported to SourceForge CVS from our local CVS. I made source and binary releases of version 1.1, the current library version.

Posted by Kyle Downey 2001-09-19