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#46 qq internal bug

Jakub Nowakowski

I am using amavis on Fedora2 with qmail and NOD32

I used working sendmail + amavis + NOD32, but some
days ago I decided to change my MTA to qmail.

Now I have qmail installed as decribed on steps 1-10.

I did not change the NOD32 installation.

On NOD32 pages I found modified source of amavis-perl-
11 and installed it.

Without amavis qmail worked O.K.

Now I have problem with sending e-mails.

Outlook Express shows the error 451 qq internal bug

/var/amavis/amavis.log is full of such lines:

Sep 7 10:38:35 amavisd[5306]:
do_exit:283 - ending execution with 81

I konw that 81 means EX_TEMPFAIL

This line number 283 refers (I think) to /usr/sbin/amavis

There are following lines around:
(The first line below is line #258)

use vars qw($fh $BUFSIZE $buf);

if (-r "$TEMPDIR/email.txt") {
# already created by milter, just open it
$fh = IO::File->new("$TEMPDIR/email.txt") ||
do_exit($REGERR, __LINE__);
} else {
$fh = IO::File->new("+>$TEMPDIR/email.txt") ||
do_exit($REGERR, __LINE__
$BUFSIZE = 8192;
$buf = ' ' x $BUFSIZE;
while (read(\*STDIN, $buf, $BUFSIZE)) {
print $fh $buf;

# Determine sender and recipient(s)
# For sendmail, also get the "real" local delivery agent

use vars qw($recipline $SENDER @RECIPS $LDA

# command line parsing, qmail version


$recipline = <ENVELOPE>;
do_exit($REGERR, __LINE__) if !defined $recipline;

if ($recipline =~ /^F(.*?)\0T(.*)\0$/) {
$SENDER = $1;
my $recipsec = $2 . "T";
@RECIPS = split(/\0T/, $recipsec);
} else {
do_exit($REGERR, __LINE__);

# End qmail cmd line parsing


do_exit($REGERR, __LINE__) if !defined $recipline;

is the exact line #283.

I learned near everything about qq internal bug error in
the Internet. In most cases there were problems with
ownership/permisions. I think I have similar problem.
Maybe there is a problem with $TEMPDIR/emal.txt
creation. I cannot locate any email.txt file in the file
I used qmail + amavis + NOD32 on slack8.0 some moths
ago and I am nearly sure that $TEMPDIR is a directory
under /var/amavis named amavis-random_number.

Recently I have qmailq.qmail and 0777 for /var/amavis

(I tried some other combinations, but without success).

I tried to rise log_level in /usr/sbin/amavis from 0 to 5,
but no more information were logged
to /var/amavis/amavis than described above.

Any idea what is wrong?
Jakub Nowakowski


  • Lars Hecking
    Lars Hecking

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  • Lars Hecking
    Lars Hecking

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    Please try amavis-user (archive and list). I have zero expertise
    with qmail.