My name is Niall Connaughton and I work for a software company in Dublin, Ireland. I have sendmail installed on a Linux server and I tried to install the latest version of AMavis but I got the error message "tnef binary seems to be insecure". I searched for an rpm version of AMavis and I forced an installation of that plus I installed AVP in a subdirectory of AMavis ; /AMavis ...../AVP. I made the necessary changes to /etc/sendmail.cf and all seemed to be well. I then sent a mail to Root attaching eicar.com (making sure it contained the correct characters) but it was accepted and it did'nt give any error messages. It seems the situation is that AMavis installed correctly but that it is'nt scanning for viruses. I have now spent three days trying to find a solution on numerous help-sites on the net but I have'nt found a solution.
I would greatly appreciate it if you had any ideas/suggestions as to how to rectify this problem.
Thanking you in advance,
Niall Connaughton