What is the point with this software?

  • Kenneth Grande
    Kenneth Grande

    I am working for a small firm, and we are using everything for commercial use. At first i thought that this software would be what i needed, but as described in requirements -i have to have a virusscanner on my server. is there really no virusscanner available that is free of charge? what is the point on installing this software if i have to pay for the antivirprog anyway? almost all antivir vendors delivers a complete package for scanning mailservers with qmail and sendmail. And of course some of them got version wich is free of charge for non commercial use. is there a way i can scan email on my server for viruses, and not end up in paying all my income to anivir vendors? I sertainly hope so, if not you are aiming at the home users (which can use non commercial software), or big companies wich can buy licenses for 1000 users without binking an eye...

    Hope you guys can give me an answer !!

    Best Regards, Kenneth.

    • Hi Regards, Kenneth!
      Well to provide a short answer for question.

      Amamvis is today (IMHO) the best solution to unpack an check e-mails for infect's.

      To be a littele bit more detailed, in a Test for antivirus Mailserver/gateways in the iX Magazine amavis was the product with the highest detection rates (off course by using comercial antivirus products)

      i can't help you to find a total free antivirus product with the same results that amavis provides.

      Sorry but i am in a hurry, so more to follow later
      Ufuk Altinkaynak

      • Juro

        In what edition of the IX magazine was this?

    • It seems ScannerDaemon, an GPLed package,
      may work with Amavis.

      ScannerDaemon download page

    • Luca Ghedini
      Luca Ghedini

      If U are lookinf for a virus scanner freee of chage check