Amanda 2.5.1p2 released

The Amanda core team is pleased to announce the release of Amanda 2.5.1p2. This is a bug fix release.

Amanda 2.5.1p2 RPMs, Windows client and source tar ball are available for following platforms at

- Red Hat Enterprise server 4,
- Red Hat Enterprise server 3
- Suse Linux Enterprise 9,
- Suse Linux Enterprise 10,
- Open Suse 10.0,
- Fedora Core 3,
- Fedora Core 4,
- Fedora Core 5,
- Windows XP, and
- Windows 2003 server

Source tar ball can be downloaded from

If you find bugs or have feature requests, please submit a bug report on
sourceforge in the group v2.5.1p2.

If you successfully use 2.5.1p2, please post your success reports to

Many bug fixes
- amoverview is working
- dumptype starttime is working
- Amanda command changes
- amtape accept the -o arguments
- amgetconf --list to list all tapetype, dumptype, holdingdisk or interface
- amgetconf can return a value of a specific tapetype, dumptype, holdingdisk or interface

Posted by Paddy Sreenivasan 2006-11-09