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AMaMP Core 0.3.2 Released

AMaMP Core 0.3.2 is here! A great number of improvements and new features have been introduced in this release, as the core continues to work towards 0.4. This is probably the best release yet in terms of cross-platform compatibility; if you were using 0.3.1 then this is certainly a move worth making.

Posted by Jonathan Worthington 2005-01-05

Core 0.3.1 Released

Version 0.3.1 of the AMaMP core has been released, marking the shortest time between any two core releases and also the first minor release. This release doesn't offer a massive new range of features, but has been made in recognition of the new modular I/O system. That said, soundcard recording is now available on Win32, soundcard playback and recording is supported on cygwin, the add input and add output IPC message handlers have been implemented and the core can now be started in a paused state by not supplying an instruction file. Have at it! :-)

Posted by Jonathan Worthington 2004-10-30

AMaMP Core 0.3 Released

At long last, here is the third release of the AMaMP core, the cross-platform engine at the heart of the AMaMP project. This one expands on the feature set of the last version, with the big new feature being a plug-in style effects system. For more details, see the AMaMP site at

Posted by Jonathan Worthington 2004-09-03

Core 0.2 Released

Version 0.2 of the AMaMP core has been made, bringing soundcard output on Windows and Linux, an IPC mechanism, a better build system and support for BSD and Mac OSX, along with fixes and improvements.

Posted by Jonathan Worthington 2004-04-04

Working towards 0.2

Development of version 0.2 is currnetly well underway. :-) For more updates please see our site at or join the mailing list. - Jonathan

Posted by Jonathan Worthington 2004-01-11