hello everyone,

I just got an old Sound Devices Usbpre (not the "2", the old one), and i would like to use it with gnu-linux (ubuntu).

I couldn't make it work properly, neither using jack nor pulseaudio. Both of them recognize it but jack won't start and selecting the device in pulseaudio and playing a file with vlc only results in glitches and scratches (you can hear that they somehow correnspond to the song being played, but they're actually just weird noises).

I have a quite messy ubuntu 10.10 installation, with many tweakings to the audio stack. So i switched to another pc with an ubuntu 11.04 fresh install, and the problem is the same. I checked in alsa mixer, the device is recognized and there is just one control for pcm volume. I tried playing a wave file direcly using aplay, and i get the same very bad sound, even though with the -vv option i can se the signal level bar following the music signal.

The device has two inputs (with several connectors each) and two analog outputs, two spdif outputs and two headphone outputs (apparently not working), but only the volume control is shown in alsa mixer. Also, there are some controls on the board (phantom, input selection, mono switch, plus the various volume knobs) and a led meter, but none of them seems to respond.

I couldn't find resources searching on the web, just some old occurences referring to people trying to write a module for it, and lot of stuff about usbpre 2.
Is there any hope i can use the device in linux?

If it might help, here is the result of ulils_alsa-info.sh on the 11.04 machine:

thanks in advance!