Dear all,

I am writing to ask how to route certain DSP 'outputs' from my Audigy 2 ZS back into the equivalent 'ASIO inputs' for recording purposes.

Specifically, I'd like to route outputs from the Wavetable Synths on my card to inputs that would go straight into a DAW (such as Ardour), so that I can apply effects, record and mix-down as if they were external synth signals.

I know that with the kX project drivers in Windows this is possible, by routing the Synth outputs to FXBus outputs 16-63, leaving the ASIO inputs as 0-15 for the audio input, and then patching which channels I require from the Synth to those inputs (e.g. Synth Channel 1 -> FXBus out 16&17 -> FXBus in 0&1).

After reading a thread that contained responses from Jaroslav, I believe the answer is in emufx.c, but I'm unsure as to where to start as I need to assign the outputs from the Synths correctly first.

Thanks in advance! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards,