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2011/4/18 cong fu <>
Hi Julien:
Thanks for your reply!
I only have one sound card, so I guess maybe it is the same from "hw" to "hw:1" or "hw:1,0". Am I right?
I installed JACK yesterday and will try it on my issue.Thanks again for you suggestion here...
But I am still curious on how to "mix" different devices or channels or applications only by ALSA itself... Is it possible?
2011/4/16 Julien Claassen <>
 Hm, that's rather a complex setup. I only have two ideas: 1. Shouldn't you directly supply which hw device you want to use, so instead of "hw" something like "hw:1" or "hw:1,0"?
 2. Is it out of the question to use JACK? JACK can automatically mix streams and most audio apps support it. Besides, for simple listening or recording, there is an alsaplugin, which works for me, since I still have a few apps, which don't understand JACK. And JACK should be part of every distro nowadays.
 I hope that somehow helps a bit.
 Kindest regards

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