On 22/04/2013 23:48, Daniel Mack wrote:
On 22.04.2013 22:07, Yves G wrote:
Do you mean that if  "07 25 01 81 02 00 00" (Unrecognized) was moved
after the "Endpoint Descriptor", then the driver should recognize it as
some AudioControl Endpoint Descriptor (as described in Table 4-21:
Class-Specific AS Isochronous Audio Data Endpoint Descripton in
I have no idea if this is an easy modification (it does not sound
complex to me, but I never wrote firmware for USB audio devices!)
It's really just about moving a block of data around. But Torstein is
right, we should rather fix the driver here.
OK, thanks.
Anyway, I'll ask the firmware engineer if he can move the block of data.
You know how things are, upgrading a driver in embedded systems and appliances may be problematic.

Can someone point me to the spec where it is said that the AudioControl Endpoint Descriptor should be located after the Endpoint Descriptor?

- Yves