Could someone please be so kind as to direct me to where I can find this commit?  I'd love to test it, and I'm not really sure which repo to look for and where it would be.


On 02/25/2013 01:51 AM, Takashi Iwai wrote:
At Mon, 25 Feb 2013 09:08:59 +0100,
Clemens Ladisch wrote:
E. Westbrook wrote:
The snd-bt87x module loads successfully, but nothing for it shows up in "arecord -l" and /proc/asound/cards.

I'm loading snd-bt87x with the module parameters "index=4 id=bttv load_all=1".
Apparently, commit e9f66d9b9ce0 (ALSA: pci: clean up using
module_pci_driver()) broke the load_all parameter.
OK, reverted the commit wrt bt87x.c now.