I am searching for a cheap soundcard that have the following

- it should support playback while recording (full duplex)
- it should support separate channels for headphones and speakers
(it should be dj software capable)

- (better but not necessary) it should handle a midi or joystick keyboard (or perhaps I coul
handle it in another way? - I would like to use with sequencers like ardour)

Someone suggest me the Creative Soundblaster audigy SE 7.1, however
ALSA site complains a little about it:

Sound Blaster Audigy SE
Sound Blaster Audigy Value


[PCI] Digital/Analog input does not work yet. Needs more development work.
Does it mean that I can not record from line in input?
Or I am thinking about terratec aureon 5.1 pci (but the creative option seem better)

Thanks for your time,

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