Hi -

I've been looking around, but I can't seem to find a recommended list of hardware for use with Alsa and multichannel output, and I'm wondering if anyone on the list has hands-on experience with hardware that works reliably in this application.
Specifically, I'm looking to drive between 16 separate mono outputs from a single PC, using a custom application that I'll write in either C++ or java. 
It looks like alsa allows you to bind multiple consumer-grade cards as a single device for this purpose, although I'm just as happy (and would probably prefer) to buy a rock-solid, purpose-built, commercial-grade piece of hardware.  I'd rather pay a little extra and avoid the nightmarish headache of trying to get long-term consistency out of four soundblasters. 
If you're not comfortable endorsing a particular venue or solution on the list, please feel free to mail me directly.
Thanks in advance,
Jeromie Clark