I waould want to capture audio data from the sound card as and when an alsa application starts playing. I could not figure out what lines must be added in .asound.rc for this.


On Thu, 28 Jun 2007 Bill Unruh wrote :
>On Thu, 28 Jun 2007, Mohan  Kashyap wrote:
>>Hi ALL,
>>I have found a sample audio capture program from the web, but it doesnt
>>seem to capture the output from aplay. The sample prograqm is as below,
>What are you trying to do? aplay is for playing digital audio files on your
>computer. Ie, cp would be a much easier way to 'capture' them
>Of course what you might be trying to do is to capture say a dvd sgtream or
>realplayer stream. There have been a number of threads in this group on
>that topic over the years.
>>Then all the hardware configurations;
>>Then the snd_pcm_readi();
>>1. I have run this program as "./snd_capture default", the program
>>waits for sound data.
>>2. I have run "aplay -D default phone.wav", but this data is not captured by the program in 1.
>>Any help will be appreciated.
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