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#50 hercules fortissimo III

driver (26)
Shane Bishop

I just got one of these spiffy new sound cards
(Hercules Forissimo III 7.1), and unfortunately, it has
to sit in my windows compy due to the fact that alsa
doesn't support 7.1 surround yet (2 front, 2 side, 2
rear, and a center + subwoofer). I'm not sure if an
entirely new driver would be necessary, as it seems
that the snd-cs46xx driver does function, just not on
all 8 channels. Also, the driver doesn't seem entirely
bugfree, i've noticed some cracks and pops (could be
because i enabled the "experimental" dsp support in the
2.6.0 stable kernel)
As a side note, it would be incredibly nice if the
mixer channels were a little more consistent in their
labeling. For example, the "headphone" control is what
changes the volume for the rear speakers.


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