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Windows version

Since a few nice tools appeared to utilize gcc and g++ under Windows, I'm trying to port alphard to this os. With dev-C++ it seems possible.

Posted by Miroslaw Kozlowski 2010-07-20

Analytic Bond-Order Potential

Analytic Bond-Order Potential (Muller etc. Phys. Rev. B 76 (2007)) seems to be working. Next task: advanced Kinetic Monte Carlo.

Posted by Miroslaw Kozlowski 2008-01-22

Subversion repository created

I managed to cerate a svn repository. The avalaible on svn version is fully objec oriented, with MC and MD algorithms features.
To get the source code:
svn co alphard

Posted by Miroslaw Kozlowski 2007-02-05

First release!

The first version is released. This version was used during the simulations workshop at ICM Warsaw in november 2006. Avalaible in download section.

Posted by Miroslaw Kozlowski 2007-02-04