ALP 0.96d release!

ALP, the ever-evolving PHP/MySQL project dedicated to the goal of making a LAN party that runs itself, has released a new version! this new version includes various new tournament types: single elimination, single elimination FFA, consolation, double elimination, and round robin. With 0.96d, you can control the special ALP satellite parasitic game servers remotely and stealthily. Did your friend leave to get something to eat? Use his computer as a server while he's gone! Put the cd in, let it boot up linux and the appropriate game server, and control it all from the ALP satellite control panel. It runs the entire game server from the cd without making any changes to the hard drive! With a multitude of other features available, why not try ALP? It's going to make your life so much easier, and your LAN Party so much better.

Posted by Zach Leatherman 2003-07-21