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This ticket tracker is managed on behalf of the Apache Allura project. Currently it also contains tickets related to non-OSS SourceForge code.

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Labels QA Size Votes
5356 Production Push (R:allura_20121127, D:20121127) - Allura forge-nov-30 closed Tim Van Steenburgh 0 0  
5346 Following Forum Topics forge-nov-30 closed None 0  
5329 Production Push (R:allura_20121120, D:20121120) - Allura forge-nov-30 closed Dave Brondsema 0 0  
5326 taskd logs Broken Pipe instead of actual error message forge-nov-30 closed Dave Brondsema Tim Van Steenburgh 1 0  
5325 Production Push (R:allura_20121119, D:20121119) - Allura forge-nov-30 closed Tim Van Steenburgh 0 0  
5315 artifact links shouldn't show brackets if text is specified forge-nov-30 closed 42cc Dave Brondsema None 0  
5314 Incorrrect red wiki links for relative links forge-nov-30 closed 42cc Tim Van Steenburgh None 0  
5309 Show appropriate message on /p/upgrade to users without projects forge-nov-30 closed Tim Van Steenburgh migration Cory Johns 1 0  
5288 Bad link in ticket notification mails (at least?) [ss1513] forge-nov-30 closed support, p3, 42cc Dave Brondsema None 1  
5187 Admin interface for reclone-repo jobs forge-nov-30 closed 42cc Cory Johns 0 0  
5179 (some new-ish) News posts missing from RSS feed after upgrade [ss1134] forge-nov-30 wont-fix 42cc, migration, p3 None 0  
5073 Migrate ticket changes forge-nov-30 closed migration, 42cc Tim Van Steenburgh 0 0  
4936 Project upgrade discarded ticket 'resolution' values [ss541] forge-nov-30 closed support, p3, migration, 42cc Dave Brondsema 0 0  
4889 Post-upgrade: Double HTML escaping in discussion topics [ss472] forge-nov-30 closed support, migration, p3, 42cc Cory Johns None 0