#7323 ForgeHg: upgrade mercurial dependency

42cc (393)
Dave Brondsema

The mercurial revision that ForgeHg/setup.py (and requirements-sf.txt) specify, is old and not available on pypi to install (although old releases are at http://mercurial.selenic.com/release/ if needed for testing, etc).

We should upgrade the ForgeHg code to use the latest mercurial version. http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/UpgradeNotes has release notes which we can compare against the code to find things that need to be changed.


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  • Closed #576. forgehg:je/42cc_7323

    Updated mercurial to 3.0, adjusted some API calls (not many).

    There are a couple of things in changelog, that I was worried about, specifically:

    • hg heads now shows all branch heads, use --topo for old behavior
    • Bookmarks are no longer listed by hg tags

    But it turned out they affect only UI-related commands. Seems like we don't use anything else that may broke.

  • Dave Brondsema
    Dave Brondsema

    Did you find http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/ApiChanges ? I didn't find that document until now. It seems much more relevant for us than the UpgradeNotes doc.

    • No, I did not. I've read through it now and I believe all relevant changes are made already. Specifically this:

      • scmutil.match (formerly cmdutil.match) now requires a context argument, typically "repo[None]"
      • repo._branchtags() is no more, maybe use repo.branchmap()

      Which was addressed in my first two commits in the branch: a6e843c and 25dc958. Other API methods wasn't used by ForgeHg.

  • Closed #593. Updated je/42cc_7323

    First point fixed. Indeed, branch list is in indeterminate order in both cases.

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