#5481 Replicate the memberlist.php feature from the Pre-Allura system

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Marc Laporte

It's a list of all project members, accessible to anonymous visitors. It's really nice to see all the user names, and to visit their page and see what other projects they are involved with.

Here is an example: http://sourceforge.net/project/memberlist.php?group_id=141358

And there should be a redirect 301 from old URL to new one.


(1:51:07 PM) marclaporte: Where can I get an equivalent of http://sourceforge.net/project/memberlist.php?group_id=64258 ?
(1:51:24 PM) brondsem: it's not currently on our roadmap. It's quite a bit of work, i expect
(1:51:42 PM) brondsem: https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/admin/groups/
(1:51:55 PM) brondsem: you have quite a few devs :)
(1:52:03 PM) marclaporte: hehe, yes: http://info.tiki.org/article188-Tiki-reaches-500-contributors-with-commit-access
(1:52:36 PM) marclaporte: list used to be public
(1:52:47 PM) brondsem: ah yes, I remember now rbowen mentioned that to me a while ago :)
(1:53:39 PM) marclaporte: I can update our URLs, but since many projects used this, perhaps a redirect to new URL would be easy enough?
(1:53:42 PM) brondsem: hm, i didn't know that was used publicly
(1:53:49 PM) marclaporte: yup
(1:54:10 PM) marclaporte: Very useful to check "community" aspect of a project
(1:54:31 PM) brondsem: i'm trying to think, we might not have an equivalent after you upgrade :(
(1:54:56 PM) brondsem: admins are listed on the summary page, as well as on the wiki page via the [[project_admins]] macro, but that's obviously different than developer
(1:55:42 PM) marclaporte: Here is an example: http://sourceforge.net/project/memberlist.php?group_id=141358
(1:56:30 PM) marclaporte: people like seeing their username up there
(1:56:56 PM) brondsem: yeah, it is a good feature
(1:57:24 PM) marclaporte: And from there, you can click through to usernames, and see what other projects these folks are involved with
(1:57:27 PM) brondsem: i don't think we have links on the (classic) site to it any more, except maybe from some of the projects' support pages
(1:57:45 PM) marclaporte: Shall I add a feature request?
(1:58:08 PM) marclaporte: or just vote +1 if it's already there :-)
(1:59:09 PM) brondsem: please go ahead and add one
(1:59:18 PM) brondsem: i don't think there is one yet


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  • Cory Johns
    Cory Johns

    Something like this would tie in very nicely with the Activity Stream stuff once that becomes a priority again.

  • jeremiah

    I was looking for this feature myself to display developers.

  • Dave Brondsema
    Dave Brondsema

    I am thinking this could be a new page at /p/PROJECT/_members and be linked to in the default wiki content for new projects (near the [[project_admins]] - which should gain a "Project Admins:" heading before it)

  • Cory Johns
    Cory Johns

    • status: code-review --> closed
    • Milestone: forge-backlog --> forge-apr-19


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