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Dave Brondsema

Currently all the 'History' links in the SCM browse go to a URL like https://sourceforge.net/p/allura/git/ci/0298d85091dd970b0c6d57c914e43643b604a6a8/log/ which shows the revisions starting at the given commit. There should be a way to view revisions limited to a specified directory or file. E.g. URL might be something like https://sourceforge.net/p/allura/git/ci/0298d85091dd970b0c6d57c914e43643b604a6a8/log/ForgeBlog/forgeblog/tests/ This needs to be implemented for Git, Hg, and SVN.

Then, change the History links so that when you're browsing a tree or file, the link goes to the /log/ URL containing the file/folder path.


Tickets: #4929
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  • Cory Johns
    Cory Johns

    Building the entire list of commits for a path before applying paging could get us into trouble with large repos (we do have some where such things have been an issue in the past).

    All three implementation support passing in the start rev, and Git and SVN both explicitly support a limit, while Mercurial uses generators so counting the limit manually would be fine. The start offset is a little more tricky but could still be done more efficiently inside the implementation instead of at the controller level.

    Also, the Mercurial implementation appears to have been pulled from a library or something, as there is a fair amount of unused options and code (all of getrenamed and prep could be removed). Please clean that up.

    Finally, this has gotten out of date with the current master and there are some small merge conflicts, if you could resolve those as well.

  • Dave Brondsema
    Dave Brondsema

    If we are re-using code from elsewhere, we need to track the license and original location of that.

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