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Pause in development, this develoer is trying to goto MIT

TBH, this new version is taking alot longer than I thought, as in ~90x longer.. mainly because there are many things I need to hammer out, and the fact that now I know alot more about software development I want to try out all the new things..

I have to pause the development for a time, as I need to study for the GRE test, and pass with GOOD grades, so I can have a chance to apply to universities like UCSB, UCD and stuff... read more

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2008-12-14

SVN update

As the development resumes, I have decided to clean out the SVN. The following changes have been made:
- v4 tree tagged out
- trunk cleared
- New code is pending in trunks

basically... I have decided that the whole thing is a mess and I dont really want to deal with it, so i tagged everything that was in trunk, and cleaned it out :D

Stay tunned for the new source code that is pythong xD

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2008-11-09

Life is too busy... writing code slowly here

Yeah......... life is way too busy right now, I dont even have like 2 hours of free time a day (well actually i have 3 or 4, but 2 of them is for anime..)

So yeah, I'm working on the project, but really slowly.. Lets hope it comes out soon

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2008-07-16

v5 Coding underway. Delay due to amazon

Due to the fact amazon lost my Qt4 book, I had no way of actually starting programming with Qt4.. But I am starting it now, so it will be finished when it finishes lol..

Seeing how Qt is not very hard to master, I would give it about 20 days before I can turn out an alpha of v5.

Also, v5 is most likely the last version, as I am moving on from having to convert my anime for watching on the PSP (I got myself an Eee PC)... read more

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2008-06-22

Big thanks for the continued support! New ver insights

First of all, a very big thank you for the continued support I have been receiving from you guys/girls out there. It may not mean much for you, but it does keep me going on the project.

Now as for the new version, yes, it will be and there will be numerous improvements:
- All the bugs emailed to me, on the bugs tracker, discovered by me etc will be fixed.. There are a huge amount of them.. lots of work for me i guess..... read more

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2008-05-14

New version will be cross platform, using Qt

After some research.. (about 10 minutes worth lol, look at last news article). I have decided to write then next version using Qt, which is cross platform

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2008-04-20

New version in June, complete rewrite for Linux

I am thinking of completely re-writing the code into either qt or more likely, Java, that way I can have this program running in both Windows and Linux.

Apart from the underlying technology used, the overall interface wont be changed much I don't think..

If you have any requests, now is the time!

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2008-04-20

Trackers now require login to combat spam issues

From today on, trackers require sf membership (free anyway) to add/edit

This is to combat the spam issue i being getting lately...

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2008-04-07

Aggies Go!

Just felt like saying it lol, I'm liking UC Davis so far

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2008-03-14

New version is er.... coming.. ish

Due to the fact this programmer is in the States and is overloaded with things to do, he does not have time to write AllToAVI atm... Support is still as lively as usual though..

US without a car sucks :(

Davis Bikes FTW! Go the Aggies!

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2008-03-14

This programmer's VB6 CD is missing :S

lol ok... I would LOVE to release the new version.. except I'm missing my VB6 cd rofl.. the new one will be released once i find it i guess

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2008-01-29

Delay in release, Exchange to UCDavis

As some of you know, I just moved to UC Davis, everything is new as this is my first time to America.

I will be releasing the next version with the iPod conversion features soon, its almost finished, just dont have time to compile them and then write the installer again

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2008-01-17

iPod/iPod Touch and iPhone Support Coming!

ZExactly what it said.. why you ask? well, I got an iPod Touch :P

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2007-11-26

lol This programmer demands to know who will be playing Aion

Whos thinking of playing Aion when it comes out next year? Looked awesome!

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2007-11-26

Status Update, next release in sight

I think I have gathered Enough bugs and features for another release, plus... I got an iPod touch! (Horay for summer jobs lol, money FTW!)

And yeah expect the new version sometime around Xmas.. I think..

After XMas, I will be very busy, as I am going to US for an exchange (UCD)

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2007-11-26

Anyone from UCD? Or Daivs?

Just wondering, im coming for an 6 months exchange, so i'd like to know anyone whos from there, shoot me an email:


Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2007-10-24

I'm alive! barely..

Yea.. im alive.. yes I'm writting the next one.. well kinda anyway lol.

But as you can all see, I am active on the forums and trackers, and I am answering all the questions and emails.

Basically I cant write alot for alltoavi, because I got exams, I got VISA issues for the UCD exchange.. and I also have er... other issues lol

But all is not lost! Stay with me and we will see the next version soon!

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2007-10-24

I have not forgtten about this..

Just to let you all know lol, I'm very busy atm, I have just been accepted to UC Davis next year for a 6 months exchange program, so theres much I need to sort out.. I will be able to work on AllToAVI in a 8 weeks time.. All the suggestions you have made are all noted down on my Outlook tasks, and they will be done one by one :P

Thanks for staying with me xD

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2007-09-12

Non anime version

Due to increasing demand, I have to cave in lol, I will now include a non anime theme with future versions of alltoavi

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2007-08-17

Another release lol, sorry for the screw ups in Installers

Seems that I have stuffed up alot of things in the installer... I had to rewrite the installer for v4 r53.91 and it seems alot of things were wrong in it...

anyway, with the latest addition of r53.94... hopefully........

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2007-07-24

Sub release , release bug fix

A sub release r53.93 is now up, this is to fix some of the errors made when r53.91 was released (a small error in coding caused PMP not working).

For those who have already installed r53.91, you can download the small patch to patch it up. lol Sorry guys.. im sure it wont happen too often

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2007-07-23

New Version - v4 r53.91 Released!

Finally, after much procrastination, the new version (r53.91) has been released 5 minutes ago.

As you may have noticed, from this release onwards, all releases will be marked by a release number (rXX.XX) rather than a name (such as Final, RC etc). This is so you can easily tell if there is a newer version out there.

There were many changes in the new version, here are the relevent changelog entries:... read more

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2007-07-22

Requesting Anime

I am um.. looking for the 2nd season of Saiungoku Monogatari.. if anyone can help me find some episodes?


Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2007-07-20

v4 Final delay in release

v4 Final's release has been delayed.

Why you ask? well its because I have a deadline coming in 2 weeks and there aint no way I can finish this project on hand atm.... I will have to work overtime and over that again to finish it.

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2007-06-28

Plugins announced

2 Plugins have been completed ready for packaging together with the v4 Final.

- Splitter, you can add motiple sections to split
- Merger, with splitter, of course we need a merger! Merger will merge everything AVI in a specific folder (Of course you can exclude files too)

Both Merger and Splitter work only on AVI Files (you can convert everything to AVI first with AllToAVI). Both work using Copy method, so a 1 hour movie merge take just under 1.5 minutes on a AMB 64 3800+

Posted by HiME.BlackRose 2007-06-03