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Hi, Really thx for that GREAT work you do !!

Then, the request ;)
Can you add the possiblity to edit subs, either
internal or external, so that can edit the font and
it size, colour, position...etc
or at least, change the font and it size and colour !!



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    coulor/position are not changeable by encoder, but i'll include a font size selection into the stable release of ver3. it sounds easy enough to do.. the program download size will increase by about 200kb...

    wait for the stable release and u'll see ur suggestion come true!

    thanks for your support!

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    Thx for your interesting, Mr James !!
    But, i think the most important, is the possibility of
    changing the Font Type, ex: Arial, Tahoma... and other
    foncts installed in the sysetm,
    if it is not possible, so can you make the programe loads
    Subs with styles, for exemple the .saa Subs contains Font
    Type, Size, Color..etc but after encoding "alltoavi" ancod
    with its defaut, i mean, it don't support styles in Subs

    i hope you could understand me !!
    anyway.. thanks a lot for your great job!!

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    indeed it does not support SSA Style. i think it doesnt anyway.

    the problem with changing the font is you need specific
    files from which are the font description files..
    but I'll look into how to change font style/size

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    I just looked on the mencoder manual, it seems it uses
    font.desc file as its font file, which means I cannot change
    font size/style (actually I can but you run the risk of
    lossing characters...)

    I'll do some testing next holiday, which is about 3 months
    away TT... (I got assignments piled up sky high again....)

    in that holiday I'l implement a font changing option, and
    possibily release version4?

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    OK thanks anyway... alltoavi is the best soft i've used,
    even if you couldn't add this function, it'll stay the
    best for me, thx ^^
    Good Luck

  • HiME.BlackRose

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    An Idea !!

    VirtualDub (Mod) uses a DLL (I don't remember the name) in
    burning/incrusting Subs in movies (some kind od filter)
    WITH STYLES, so why don't you use that .DLL (Freeware)
    instead of using Subs Functions in MEncoder, so to make
    alltoavi support styles in Subs ???

    waiting for answer Mr James !!

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  • HiME.BlackRose

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