#57 alliance 1.1.0d mac


hi deathfireD.

some applications use the same frameworks and have duplicate files.
is there any way to hash all files, including duplicates? or else, some
packages i share will be incomplete.

also, any way to not share my download folder? it seems to be
automatic but i may not want some people to see my download folder.

another thing which is still a bit awkward is group managing. we should
be able to create groups and then simply select the ones already
created with drop down menus, when associating them to a folder or
when associating a user to a group instead of having to type the name
of the group (which is easy to forget and i always have to go to
preferences to see the names of the groups i created).

some suggestion i have so far, is to keep the folder structure in the
download/upload window, just like jdownloader does, instead of
showing all the files in a flat view

create a new tab called "share" in which it would show the user share.
right now if i'm on the download tab and click on another user i switch
automatically to his share but i would prefer to remain in the download
tab and see his share only on the "share" tab.

also to simplify the gui even further, you could include a search box in
the share tab and use the same view to find for files instead of a
separate search tab. if a user was selected it would search his files, if a
group was selected it would search all users files in that group.

the downloads and uploads could also be an horizontal split pane and
be in an unified tab called "transfers".

the chat could also be simplified and use just the existing chat tab.
selecting a group would switch to the group chat, selecting a user
would switch to private chat in the same view.

why use many tabs when the users already work like tabs?
so the main window tabs would always show the info regarding the
selected group/users on the left (transfers tab would show transfers with
the selected user/group, share tab would show the selected user/group
share, chat tab would show the selected user/group chat).

i'm using alliance latest beta for mac and it seems to be the best f2f i
found so far. i created a sourceforge account to beta test and report any

sorry for the long email, despite the two main issues of the duplicates
and the download folder, everything else is just humble suggestions
(i'm no coder, just an amateur graphic artist but i have a great
understanding of the KISS principle in designing GUIs).

best regards from portugal.


  • DeathfireD

    Could you post your suggestions and bugs on our Google code tracker? http://code.google.com/p/alliancep2pbeta/issues/list

    We're trying to keep all the bugs, issues, and suggestions related to the latest betas in one place.