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AllegroServe / News: Recent posts

Look on Opensource.franz.com

For the latest information on AllegroServe (and other open source Lisp projects) check out

New releases for AllegroServe are first put on ftp://ftp.franz.com/pub/aserve

Periodically new releases are also copied here to sourceforge, but no ever release is copied here.

Posted by John Foderaro 2003-06-11

Chat Session Transcript now available!

The AllegroServe chat session transcript can be viewed at http://www.franz.com/resources/educational_resources/aserve.062800.php3

Posted by Samantha Cichon 2000-07-28

AllegroServe Chat Session coming soon! (6/28/2000)

The AllegroServe Project developers cordially invite you to participate in an important On-line Chat Session!!

What: On-line Chat Session about AllegroServe

Subject: AllegroServe - Ask the Expert for Tips and Tricks - Speak up about your experience

When: June 28, 2000 @11:00~1:00pm PDT

Presenter: John Foderaro AllegroServe Author and Project Lead, Senior Scientist and Co-Founder of Franz Inc.

Where: Cyberspace... read more

Posted by Samantha Cichon 2000-06-16

Survey Says...

We have added a short survey to our project. Please participate at your convenience by clicking on the "public survey" button to the left on the previous page.

Posted by Samantha Cichon 2000-05-18