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#2 doesn't honor $HOME while accessing .alex4/

Paul Wise

Forwarding http://bugs.debian.org/507950

From: Ivan Shmakov <oneingray@gmail.com>
Subject: doesn't honor $HOME while accessing .alex4/
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2008 10:43:38 +0600

Package: alex4
Severity: normal
Version: 1.1-2

The `alex4' command currently doesn't honor the value of the HOME environment variable while reading its configuration, and uses the value from the user's passwd(5) entry instead, contrary to what the rest of the system does, e. g.:

nobody@home $ HOME=/var/tmp/test
nobody@home $ export HOME
nobody@home $ ls -d ~/
nobody@home $ alex4
Error creating dir /nonexistent/.alex4 : No such file or directory

(Indeed, the home directory for the `nobody' user is filed as `/nonexistent' in passwd(5).)

This prevents one from choosing a different directory for the game files to be saved under.


  • This bug applies only to the Debian/Fedora package of alex4. That version is patched to comply with the Linux filesystem layout, and to make the game portable to non-x86 architectures. I'll attach the relevant patch, with this issue fixed, to the bug report.

    You can find the latest version of the patches used by Debian at:

  • Err, apparently I can't attach a file. You can find the patch at at the URL I mentioned, it's called unix-port.patch