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multiple log-ons, section submission

  • shaugk

    Hi there,

    I am new here, but couldn't find an answer to my question so thought I ask.

    There are two things.

    1. I have noticed that on Vista when different users log in, AllChars doesn't
      like it. Is there a way around it, e.g. can it be run as a service?

    2. I have created a section in my xml file. Is there a way to exchange
      sections? Like a pool where people can have a look and download sections they
      might be interested in? Saves them from re-inventing the wheel.

    As a general note I have used AllChars (the old version) for many years. Now
    that it's gone Unicode I think it's even better. A previous version I had
    downloaded seemed a bit flakey I must admit, but I am much happier with the
    current build.