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#16 Space macro name


I found this just soon : this is a bug inthe v4 but it should be tryed in the v5...

I tryed to add a macro with a single space for name

In the .ini file (it's great to have the config in a .ini) the name is blanck (no space, the line start with the = sign)

and since it is in alphabetical order, the macro cames first. But then, allchars stop reading the file at that line so no more macro are accessible.

Just erasing that line in the file solve the problem.
(the older macro came accessible again)

So : we can not call a macro with a space for the name. But, any limitation is not expected to mask the other macros.

Try and see if there are such limitation in the macro name and... if v5 still works in the proper way.

Thank you


  • Joachim Breuer
    Joachim Breuer

    A macro name cannot contain spaces in AllChars v5 as well.

    In v5, a macro with a single space for the name can be defined without causing in error and without masking other macros, but it will never evaluate.

    As the bug does not manifest in v5, I'll mark this as 'later' for now.



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