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Algol68g-mk14.1 for Fedora9 & Vista available

  • NevilleDNZ

    Mark 14.1, November 2008
      1. Implements zero replicators as required by the Revised Report
      2. Decommissions (undocumented) VMS option syntax

    Mark 14, October 2008
      1. Adds first edition of the Algol 68 Genie User Manual
      2. Adds Revised Report (HTML translation 1.2) to the documentation
      3. Adds option LINK to the monitor

    Mark 13, June 2008
      1. Adds procedures to interrogate files and directories
      2. Adds various operators and procedures
      3. Adds APROPOS to command-line options and monitor options

    Mark 12, May 2008
       1. Improves code for the parallel clause
       2. Improves interpreter efficiency
       3. Improves breakpoint commands in the monitor
       4. Adds options UNTIL, FINISH and OUT to the monitor
       5. Adds Revised Report (HTML translation 1.1) to the documentation