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Beta1 released

The first beta of AlgebraSQL is now avaliable for download.

Posted by Michael Braun 2006-08-29

first testing release

Happily, after a one year of development, the first runnable jar application can be released.
This is an snapshot alpha release, as the second parser is not yet completed.
To run it, please note that the working directory needs be included by java.library.path or the wx4j libraries needs to be installed in system path.
Hopefully, this will change till final release.

Posted by Michael Braun 2006-01-24

running straight towards goal

we made great improvements with the code and now it's almost read-to-run.

Let's have it a try.

Posted by Michael Braun 2005-11-04

Welcome to Sourceforge


willkommen auf Sourceforge. :)

Michael B.

Posted by Michael Braun 2005-03-06