#33198 SF.net site UI feedback: lynx browser

Yury Burkatovsky

As per request from Patrick McGovern, I am submitting
this item to the tracking system.

When submitting a new item to the SF tracking system,
I encountered that the SF project web script does not
accept my input.

I successfully log in with my user id and password
using lynx with SSL support (SSL-MM/1.4.1
OpenSSL/0.9.6c), accept the cookie, fill in the text
fields and activate the "Submit" button. Then, after a
seemingly exhaustive computing, the browser presents
me with the same page without any visible change. This
happens even if I fake my browser's User Agent header
to something resembling Netscape's standard UA header.

OTOH, using Netscape I always have my report submitted
with the message "Item Successfully Created".

Please add support for text-only browsers to your
scripts that generate dynamical HTML pages.

I am using Lynx 2.8.4rel.1 (17 Jul 2001) on HP-UX 10.20
9000/778 with SSL support (openssl library v0.9.6c).


  • David Burley
    David Burley

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  • David Burley
    David Burley

    • milestone: 104417 --> Second Level Support
    • assigned_to: burley --> n_oostendorp
    • summary: Difficulty with text-only browser lynx --> SF.net site UI feedback: lynx browser
  • Jacob Moorman
    Jacob Moorman

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  • Jacob Moorman
    Jacob Moorman

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    The supported browser platforms for SourceForge.net are now
    defined as Mozilla 1.x (and derivatives of Mozilla, such as
    Galeon and Chimera) and above, Netscape 6 and above,
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and above. We are unable to
    provide official support for the multitude of other browsers
    available (there are literally hundreds of browsers, each
    with their own quirks).

    We recommend you make use of the SourceForge.net site from
    one of these platforms; we know that they will work
    correctly with the forms, tables, SSL and JavaScript used by
    this site. Thus, using one of our supported browsers will
    ensure consistent and smooth site access.

    While users of other browsers are welcome to continue using
    the SourceForge.net site, and we will continue to evaluate
    specific technologies (JavaScript, etc.) for browser
    compatibility, we will not be able to provide direct support
    regarding various browser quirks for unsupported browsers.
    This would simply be too large a strain on the limited
    resources of SourceForge.net.

    Thank you,

    Jacob Moorman
    Quality of Service Manager, SourceForge.net