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#28 Glimpse for shell/web server

Karl MacMillan


  • Is there anyway that glimpse can be added to the
    shell/web server. I am using the lxr cross referencing
    engine for my sight and would like to be able to do the
    free text searching. See http://lxr.linux.no/.

    Karl MacMillan

  • Your request has been assigned to one of our team members and it will be handled shortly.

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  • Tim Perdue
    Tim Perdue

    • priority: 5 --> 3
    • assigned_to: nobody --> precision
  • I am going to have to contact the creators of glimpse to see if we qualify for a educational license. It's kinda a grey
    area.. we could be considered both commercial and/or educational. I'll keep ya updated.

  • This task has been placed on the Systems Administrator's todo list. Alternatively, please look at htdig.

  • Quentin Cregan
    Quentin Cregan

    • assigned_to: precision --> aphzen
    • status: open --> closed